What Not to Ask on a First Date

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Think about the last time you were on a really terrible first date. The girl was really weird, or not very attractive, or just annoying, or you just got a really terrible vibe from her. Now, did you see her a second time?

Probably not.

It’s the same way the other way around, which is why it’s incredibly important to make sure you have a good first date. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to – HAVE TO – flirt with her some on the first date. And the best way to do this? By asking the right first date questions.

The Key

First date questions work well if you keep this in mind: This is not a job interview! You are not judging her based on her references or the previous jobs she’s had or what her GPA was in college. That’s all way beside the point.

What you are judging her on is her personality. So the questions you want to focus on are all based on her personality. It’s not “How many pets do you have?” it’s “Tell me why you have a pet.” See the difference?

If you simply ask how many pets she has, she can go into the facts of the question, like she has one cat, or two dogs, or whatever. But if you get her talking about the importance of having a pet as a companion, well, that gives you a deeper insight into her and will move the conversation into the next level.

Avoid Small Talk

Bad questions to ask on a first date would be about where she went to college or where she grew up is kind of the equivalent of just having small talk. You know how you see the lady down the street, who you really don’t have anything in common with other than living on the same block, and you just talk about the weather or what is going on with that local sports team? That only exists because you two have nothing in common.

That’s not what you want with a girl you’re on a date with.

Avoid small talk at all costs. Get into the heart of things quickly. You only have so much time on this first date, so don’t worry too much about breaking the ice. If she’s nervous or scared of doing so, the best way to loosen her up is by talking about actual emotional things.

Remember to Flirt

Instead of going on-and-on about this, I’m just going to link to a video I did about how to flirt on a first date:

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