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So, we saw Drive the other night. It was good. (Not great, which is no doubt going to get us in trouble from all of the people around the world who mistake something that is slow-moving to automatically be full of depth.) It was fine. Is it worth seeing? Sure. Is it the greatest movie of the year and worth a whatever-the-hell rating over at Rotten Tomatoes? Probably not. But one thing you have to admit about it is that it’s definitely a “man movie.”

Again, the “man movie” is a bit of a nebulous term; no one’s exactly sure what it means. But you know it when you see it. The guys over at took a look at the list of movies coming out this fall and pointed out the most manly movies of the bunch. The one we’re looking forward to the most:

No.9 Moneyball
There’s few things more American than Brad Pitt and baseball, both of which collide in this Bennett Miller adaptation of the landmark novel by the same name. Pitt plays real life former Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane, who tried to reshape his cash-strapped club by defying baseball’s oldest conventions. If Pitt finally wins an Oscar for his portrayal (he’s an early favorite), he may finally be the man who has everything.

Of course. Here’s the trailer:

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