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This girl is the reason why we have Jordan explaining drugs to you every month (TC)

A Gallery of Flexible Women. Hot or freaky? (Holy Taco)

I definitely need to start watching Big Brother (Uncoached)

Beer = Good for you (The Bachelor Guy)

Try not to have such a little bitch for a roomate (Tasty Booze)

Transformers Laptop! Yeyahhhhhhh! (Manofest)

Don’t hit on a guy’s girlfriend when you’re wasted and he’s sober. (Nothing Toxic)

Jessica Simpson has nipples (City Rag)

Miley Cyrus, stop toying with our emotions. (Drunken Stepfather)

Remember once upon a time when all girls were prude? Me neither. (Funtasticus)

If Cops Thought Like Teenagers (College Humor)

What’s better than booze?  Booze in-between some tig ol’ bitties! (CoEd)

A 17 year-old climbed Mount Everest? So what! I can play the drums on expert on Rock Band 2 (Asylum)

Suddenly, being “On a Boat” doesn’t sound so great… (Totally Crap)

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