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Dude, We know...




Tramp Stamp Tuesday! (Here)

Jane Seymour still has it. (Here)*

Jayd Lovely makes it hard to stand up right now. (Here)

Hump-Day sex position. (Here)

Hottest girl we’ve seen all month. (Here)*

Sara Varone makes my heart sing. (Here)*

Gum that will give you an erection. We’re serious. (Here)

Audrina is in a lesbian make-out scene. (Here)

Aria Giovanni teaches you how to fry an egg. (Here)*

The 10 greatest cleavage moments in TV history. (Here)*

Guide to online booty calls dating. (Here)*

Tooshie Tuesday + Hump-Day Hotties*

Megan Fox never gets old. Especially with these new pics. (Here)

Brooke Burke is butt naked. (Here)*

Best celebrity nude scene ever goes to… (Here)


The tool for the best prank of all time (Here)

Best photo-bomb ever. (Here)

It’s on!  Wasp vs. Cockroach. (Here)*

Insanely awesome video that has to be fake. (Here)*

Random and amazing images galore. (Here)*

Funny signs. Tee-hee. (Here)

Some unreal sand scultures. (Here)

What happens when girls don’t listen. (Here)

Fuck roommates.  Buy a mansion, instead. (Here)*

Genius: Chug her beer, then tell her you’ll buy her a new one. (Here)*

This is why I don’t have tattoos. (Here)

Classic stoner scenes in movies (Here)


What her drink really says about her. (Here)*

Insane amount of strength. I do this every day. (Here)*

Some really impressive business cards. (Here)*

Our advice: Don’t write facebook updates while at work. (Here)*

Lie like a pro. (Here)*


Red Sox vs. Tigers Brawl. (Here)

Shaq sucks at beach volleyball. (Here)

One of the best basketball shots we’ve ever seen. Ever! (Here)*

Fedor. Brock Lesnar. Anderson Silva. Roy Jones Jr. Enough said. (Here)*

Gina Carano compares fighting to sex. Oh baby! (Here)

We will never run out of reasons to hate Brock Lesnar. (Here)

They’ll make you feel like you have 0 talent, but make you think you’re dead sexy. (Here)

One ridiculously awesome fake punt. (Here)*

I’m no idiot, Eva Longoria wants Tony Romo. (Here)

*denotes our favorites of the bunch

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