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Hot Chicks + Beer Cans = Heaven (Holy Taco)

Guys who like legs…this one’s for you. (UnCoached)

Ever hate somebody you wish you could just duel them like they used to in the olden days? (Bachelor Guy)

Remember indoor soccer in gym class? How about this… (TC)

Lindsay Lohan was supposed to be in “the Hangover.” (Tasty Booze)

The best golf clip I have ever seen in my life. (Tasty Booze)

Why can’t all supermodels photograph themnselves in a towel? (on205th)

We love very few things more than girls in tube socks. (CoEd)

We have got to be nicer to animals, especially these kind. (Manofest)

Who knew the moon could be so effin cool? (Funtasticus)

2 Hot Girls looking for a roomate? We’re going to Boston! (Don Chavez)

Lets guess what their favorite position is… (DRW)

We miss the Three Ninjas (College Humor)

The 6 girls you dated in high school. (Mademan)

And we thought Adderall was the pill to get an A. (Asylum)

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