How are you Texting Girls?

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text a girlText messaging is taking the place of telephone calls during courtship. A guy who expects to be successful with women should also expect to put some effort into learning how to text a girl. The right text can lead to a romantic evening, while a poorly crafted message can terminate a relationship before it ever starts.

Texting is not conversation

  • A text is supposed to entice a woman into wanting to know more about the sender. It is not meant to tell her all about him. It should reveal his sense of humor, not his philosophy of life. The worst mistake a guy can make is too frequent texting, especially early in a relationship. If texts are bait to draw a girl into further contact, a few will be enough. Too many become boring and will turn the girl off.

Texting is flirting

  • An effective text is a flirtatious text. This means that it is light, funny and not too personal. Hardcore flirting early in a relationship will turn off most girls, but texts that make her smile or even laugh. Share something that made you smile or tell her a funny story. When you are through with the subject, let her know and bow out gracefully to avoid any chance of awkwardness.

Texting has a purpose

  • The quickest way to lose a girl is to bore her. The quickest way to bore her is to send a meaningless text. “What’s up?” “Nothing.” This makes the girl wonder if she should bother with the conversation. Always have something to tell her or an event to which to invite her. “Would you like to go to the free movie at the park tonight?” is much more intriguing than telling a girl you are bored.

Texting is not visual

  • The recipient cannot see the sender of a text, and therefore cannot read his body language. This means that sarcasm and the like are very risky. Guys who are accustomed to using this kind of humor should be very certain to send smiley faces or “j/k” to make sure the girl does not take the teasing seriously and get insulted, since it is almost impossible to recover from this kind of faux pas early in a relationship.

Texting is not sexual

  • Early in a relationship, at least, texting about sex is very risky. It is very possible to come off creepy by being too explicit too early. Even when the couple reaches the point where sex is a natural topic, it is best to introduce it by means of a double entendre of some sort. If the girl says she is hot, a guy can reply “you certainly are,” and then claim innocence if the lady takes offense with a text like “I absolutely did not mean it that way!”

Texting is a two-way street

  • If the lady likes you, she may initiate a bit of flirtation herself. At all costs, do not shoot her down. Laugh at her jokes if they seem even marginally funny. Answer her questions honestly but concisely, and then steer the text back to her: “what do you think about it?”

Texting has become a basic flirting skill. A guy who wants attention from the girls around him has to learn how to text a girl effectively. Once texting has become second nature, he will find more and more ladies ready to take their relationship to the next step.

Thanks to Philip Sierra over at for the tips. He has a lot more for you to check out so stop on by!

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  1. Paul T

    I think one of the most important points in this article is the 5th, Texting isn’t sexual. Guys are always asking how to get sexual over text, what techniques to use, etc… But in reality, getting sexual over text rarely leads to sex. Once you’ve got sexual in person, then you can get sexual over text. Not the other way round.

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