Hooking Up: The Three Types of College Girls

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There are so many different types of girls out there.  High maintenance girls, emo girls, chill girls, chubby girls, clingy girls, and the list goes on and on…

When it all comes down to it, and you’re trying to evaluate the likely hood of you hooking up with one of these girls, then they can all be broken down into three types.


drunkcollege girl
Rarely going to be the most desirable girl in the room; however, this is the girl that you know you can hook-up with tonight.  Maybe she is very drunk, maybe she is laughing at every single thing you tell her, maybe she mentioning that she hasn’t had sex in a long time.  Whatever the reason, you can spot these girls with ease.  They are on the prowl, and they are looking to get laid.  Ask girls you are friends with, I’m sure they’ll admit that they have friends like this.

Breaking News: Girls like sex too.  Just because she knew what she wanted and hooks up with you doesn’t really make her a slut.  So, if you see her out next time and talking to some other guy, there is no reason to treat her like shit.  You both shared a good time, leave it on a note where you can look at each other and smile, knowing you still have her nail marks on your back.



Plain and simple, these girls are not going to hook-up with you tonight.  They are the girls that will flirt with you and will be interested in you, but for whatever reason…not tonight.  Sometimes, it is just because they have their friends out with them and don’t want to ditch their friends.  That doesn’t mean you won’t eventually hook-up, though.  Exhibit B girls are the type that will give you their number and would be open to a couple of dates before they feel more comfortable hooking up with you.

Insider Tip: An Exhibit B Girl is a great investment.  They carry themselves well and are classier than the Exhibit A type, and you know that they aren’t very easy.  Therefore, if you see them talking to another guy the next week at the bar, you don’t have to go into a jealously rage, but can crack up knowing that this guy isn’t getting any from just talking to her one night.  These girls are great for a relationship down the road.  Whether that relationship be friends with benefits, or something more exclusive, they aren’t as dangerous as the Exhibit A Girl


girls on bar
You’ve seen this girl before.  The one dancing on the bar, making out with her friends, practically scissoring her girlfriends on the dance floor.  Every guy in the room is watching these girls, buying them drinks, trying to talk to them.  By the end of the night, they don’t get with anybody.  They are there to distract you and waste your time and money (if you are dumb enough to buy them drinks).  These girls love the attention and quite frankly, the attention seems to be more than enough to keep them satisfied.

Why Distractions are useful: While guys that would normally seem like your competition are too focused on the girl dancing on top of the bar and taking body shots off of her girlfriends, this is your time to clean up on the other girls that aren’t in the middle of the crowd.  Go for the distraction’s friend who is holding her drunk ass friend’s bag.

Happy Hunting, Campus Throne Army…Make me proud…

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  6. Amy

    […] Hooking Up: The Three Types of College Girls | The Campus Throne … […]

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  8. Lefty

    It’s taken me over a year to finally get the hang of college girls, and now it’s all coming at me so much that it’s gotten to the point to where I get to choose which girls I hook up with. Sweet.
    So here’s something to test out: Talk to these “exhibit A” girls at parties, these girls are your ticket in to both the “exhibit B” and “exhibit C” girls. Since these A girls want to hook up so much (there truly are those girls at the parties that you know you could be making out with in about a minute) and talk to them. Flirt with them BUT HOLD BACK so you’re not hitting on them. Everyone will start to notice when they start coming onto you hard. Just keep your cool and play the game. Have fun, fun fun fun fun and give off the positive vibe to everyone else.

    Her being into you and you holding back (showing that you’re pre-selected) will do several things:

    1) You’ll meet her friends that she took to the party. Hey maybe some of these girls are going to be very cute. Trust me, it’s always better to meet girls from friends rather than cold approaching them. These friends will probably be interested in the new guy that’s holding a conversation with their friend that normally hooks up (or tries to) at parties. Once you get in with them your status at the party is constantly elevating. This is a much better tactic than trying to hit on every girl at the party and eventually settling. This flips the position!!! Plus now these new friends you just met are maybe “exhibit B” or “exhibit C” girls that may actually be interested in you and CALL YOU the next day or the next party.

    2.) Think about the girls you want to get with at a party. These girls are the ones hooking up with champs. If they turn around and see ‘another guy’ trying to hit on the “aggggain” they’re gonna blow you off very fast. But what if they eye all the guys that have potential to get with them at the parties, they’re going to look around and see who the other girls are paying attention to as well as all the guys. You’re creating this scenario simply by talking to “exhibit A”!!!!

    3) when other dudes see that you’re in with the girlys theyre going to want to be around you 24/7. Hello status

    There’s probably a shit ton of other things that could happen as a result. The point is don’t just blow off girls because they’re slutty or kind of heavier, be nice to everyone!

    This is my first post ever. Campus Cassanova I think we should correspond about these topics.


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