Get in the Best Shape of Your Life with Insanity Workout

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Get in the Best Shape of Your Life with Insanity!

How many times have you started up your gym membership again only to go full throttle for a few weeks then fall back in to the same rut you were stuck in before?  It happens to all of us. We buy the new gym membership, and then get to the gym with no plan of action. Before we know it we are wasting time and money as well as getting frustrated because we are not seeing the six pack abs we thought we were going to have.  I am sure you have seen a handful of these home workout DVD’s that are on all the infomercials. One that has stood out is the insanity workout by Shaun T.  This is a 60 day workout and if you can get through it the you will see results!

60 days is all you need to see a huge change in your overall body and health. Believe me I have done it and the results are fantastic. The first 30 days you are thrown into the workouts, but you are shown how to do all the moves and you can go at your own pace. Remember there is a pause button and you are encouraged to use it in the beginning.  After the first 30 days you will feel like a different person.

The next 30 days you will be doing the MAX workouts which are  a bit more intense, but don’t worry you will be ready for them.  The great thing about the insanity workouts is that they only take about 40-50 minutes depending on which workout you are doing. So you don’t have to waste 30minutes or however long it takes you to get to and from the gym.  You do the workouts right in your own home and you don’t need much room you can do them right in your living room, garage, etc….

The truth is most people have no clue what to do at the gym. They wonder aimlessly moving waits and walking on a treadmill. With Insanity you are giving the road map and all you have to do is follow it!

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