9 Movie Weirdos We Love

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Allen from the Hangover

This “ritard” definitely stole the show in The Hangover. While some of us may have been aware of Zach Galifiankis before his satchel days, he is undeniably one of the funniest people in Hollywood at the moment. Throughout the movie, Allen grows on his wolf pack. At first, they seem pretty annoyed to have him along the trip and get fed up with his stupid one-liners. By the end of the movie, his wolf pack definitely grew by three wolves. If none of this has made sense to you, then you need to watch the movie. If you didn’t watch the movie then get out of here. Go! Don’t look at me. Hmph

Jack Sparrow

Yes, this character is played by Johnny Depp. Yes, girls love his character. Yes, it is from Disney. Does this classify it as gay? Maybe. Still, we can’t help but admire Jack Sparrow’s weird perspective on things and his knack for always finding a way out of trouble. Think of it as the pot-head in class or the slacker who goes to class once a semester. You don’t know how, but an F on his midterm and terrible attendance somehow becomes an A in the class.

Mr. Bean

From the way he looks to the way he act, this throwback character gives you mixed feelings. You like the guy, but for some reason you love when terrible things happen to him. He just makes it funny. Nonetheless, Mr. Bean is the man and he is welcome to party with us anytime.

Evan from Superbad

Evan isn’t so much a weirdo, but is way too much of a nice guy. Still, seeing Michael Cera telling a girl that she’d have a smooth dick if she had one will definitely put you in the weirdo category. The fact that Evan reminds us all a little bit of how we can be at times definitely makes the character one to root for.

Lance from Orange County

The guy dried his underwear in the oven. I mean come on now, if that is not awesome, what is? Jack Black is always a lovable weirdo in his roles, so this one was a given.

James Franco from Pineapple Express

We have to be honest: we weren’t huge fans of this movie. If it weren’t for James Franco, we really wouldn’t like it. Who knew that Peter Parker’s best friend, Harry Osborne, would become such a pot-head.

Kunu from Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This guy has the worst memory in the world, has done way too much drugs, and got beaten with a starfish. Hands down, the worst surfing teacher in the world. Still, being played by Paul Rudd means that everyone will like the character.

Augie from Role Models

Christopher Mintz-Plasse came on the scene with Superbad. He followed up with an awesome performance in Role Models. Both McLovin and Augie were awesome characters that you couldn’t help, but root for throughout the whole movie.

Goonie Cyclops

We just couldn’t resist on this one. Too good to pass up.

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